Easy Steps to Apply for ITR Online in 2024
Published On  09th July 2024


Filing your Income Tax Return (ITR) online is convenient and quite easy now than before. Here is the detailed procedure that will assist you to apply for the ITR online in the year 2024.


Step 1: Gather Necessary Documents

Before you begin the filing process, ensure you have the following documents ready

- PAN Card: Your Permanent Income Number or the amount that the government is sure it will get from you permanently.

- Aadhaar Card: Compulsory for e-verification most times.

- Form 16: With your employer, to state your salary and the taxes paid throughout the year.

- Bank Statements: Which is used for reporting interest income.

- Investment Proofs: Particularly in relation to the filing of deductions that fall under Section 80C, 80D, etc.

- TDS Certificates: Namely for the tax deducted at source on income other than the salary received from the employer.

- Form 26AS: A consolidated tax statement that is readily accessible on the department of income tax’s website.


Step 2: Register/Login to the Income Tax E-Filing Portal

1. Visit the Income Tax E-Filing Website Visit the Income Tax E-Filing Website:

- [https://www. incometaxindiaefiling. gov. in


2. Register/Login:

- First time users they have to register themselves with their PAN number which will serve as their user ID.

- If previously registered, then enter your user number and password or enter the CAPTCHA code if available.


Step 3: Select the Appropriate ITR Form


1. Determine the Correct ITR Form:Determine the Correct ITR Form:

- On the basis of the income earned from various sources, you have to choose the correct ITR form which are as follows ITR-1 for the salaried class people and ITR-4 for presumptive income.


2. Download or Fill Online:

- There is an option of either to download the particular ITR form with the options of Java utility or Excel utility or directly fill up the form online.


Step 4: Fill in the ITR Form


1. Personal Information:

- Enter your personal details, including name, address, and Aadhaar number.

2. Income Details:

- Fill in details of your income from various sources such as salary, house property, capital gains, business/profession, and other sources.


3. Deductions:

- Enter deductions under various sections (e.g., 80C for investments in PPF, ELSS; 80D for medical insurance).


4. Tax Details:

- Include details of taxes paid, TDS, and advance tax if applicable.


Step 5: Validate and Calculate


1. Validate:

- Click on the ‘Validate’ button to ensure all necessary fields are filled and there are no errors.


2. Calculate Tax:

- Use the ‘Calculate Tax’ button to compute your tax liability or refund.


Step 6: Generate and Submit ITR


1. Generate XML File:

- If using the utility, generate the XML file after validation and calculation.


2. Upload XML File:

- Go to the ‘e-File’ tab, select ‘Income Tax Return’, and upload the XML file. If filling online, review the details and submit directly.


Step 7: E-Verify Your ITR


1. E-Verification Methods:

- Aadhaar OTP: Use the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

- EVC via Bank Account: Generate EVC through your pre-validated bank account.

- Net Banking: Login through your net banking account and e-verify.


2. Completion:

- Once verified, you will receive an acknowledgment (ITR-V) via email. Save this for your records.


By following these simple steps, you can seamlessly file your ITR online in 2024, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and securing any potential refunds promptly.